Hair Styling & Cuts

The latest trend in styles or classic styles are performed. Casual or formal styles for ALL generations are provided. Male and female clients are both welcome for salon services.

Coloring & Highlighting

Diane's Designs stands behind 34 years of experience in coloring and highlighting. All shades and types are offered for corrective coloring or routine color changes. If a complete color change is not desired, brightening highlights can be a complimentary shade to enhance your hair's natural color - also offered in an abundance of choices.

Fantasy Color

Also available at Diane’s Designs is Vero K-Pak Hair Colors. Vero K-Pak offers a wide range of bright, fun colors. If you would like brilliant rainbow colors and more, you may choose from this selection of colors for a bright new look!

Shampoos, Sets and Blow-drys'

Routine shampoos and blow-drys are available for your convenience. Also, shampoos and sets for all styles can be accommodated for regular or occasional styling.

Hothead Hair Extensions

Add volume to hair with Hothead Hair Extensions. Hothead Hair Extensions are made from human hair and are applied easily and quickly. Hair extension is the simple way to add volume and length to your hair. Hothead Hair Extensions can also be applied to add highlights or lowlights. Create a completely different hair style using Hotheads Hair Extensions!

Lengths Available:
X000 – 10-12 inches falls slightly below the shoulder
X001 – 14-16 inches falls at mid-back
X002 – 18-20 inches falls just above the waistline
X038 – 22-24 inches falls just above the hip
X038 is offered in colors 2, 4, 6, 7, 23, 25, and 613.
X038 will be available in all colors Nov. 2013.

Feather Extensions, Blings Strands

Have fun with your hair! Diane's Designs offers a variety of ways to spice up your uniqueness with feather extensions as well as the trendy new "bling strands"!

Perms & Relaxers

Manicures & Pedicures

A wide selection of colors to compliment and add beauty to your nails are available. Massages and a foot whirlpool offer an additional relaxation to your beauty treatment.

Brazilian Blowouts & Keratin Express

Brazilian Blowouts are available to give hair a straight, sleek look, without altering your hair's natural structure. Curly or wavy hair will become straightened. The Brazilian Blowout services utilizes Keratin to eliminate frizz, improve shine and strength even in humid weather. Two treatments are available; the Keratin Express, which provides 4 to 6 weeks of benefits; and the Brazilian Blowout, which extends the benefits to 12 weeks.

Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting and Extensions

Enhance your eyebrows to add beauty to your eyes. Extend the color and thickness of your eyelashes with tinting in rich shades.

Ear Piercing

Easy and safe ear piercing is available and performed by the trained professionals at Diane's Designs. A wide selection of stones or gold & silver studs are available for the first ear adornments or even additional piercing. Price $50. Includes Earrings and Sanitizing Gel.
NOTICE: Diane's Designs performs ear piercings only.


Hair styling, manicures, pedicures and full beauty treatments are available for wedding parties or other group party occasions.

Body Waxing

Unwanted hair is quickly removed, leaving smooth, clean skin. Hair remover can be applied on any body surface. Waxing is another alternative to traditional hair removal.


Buy the latest trends in makeup, including Mary-Kay's line, right here at Diane's Designs! We can even apply it for you!

Outside Appointments

Diane's Designs is proud to offer out-of-salon services, meaning we can come to YOU! Appointments for patients in hospitals and for home visits are always welcome! Transportation can also be arranged for "at home" clients within the Easton area.

Noiraudepro Treatment

On a daily basis, your hair is stressed from chemicals, heat and styling. The Noiraudepro Treatment system strengthens and repairs damaged hair by restoring lost proteins and moisture to make hair healthy and strong. Noiraudepro was developed through extensive scientific research in Japan, inspired by hairstylists' needs.
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