Noiraudepro Treatment from Diane's Designs

Noiraude Pro - Milbon Salon Treatment System

On a daily basis, your hair is stressed from chemicals, heat and styling. The Noiraudepro Treatment system strengthens and repairs damaged hair by restoring lost proteins and moisture to make hair healthy and strong. Noiraudepro was developed through extensive scientific research in Japan, inspired by hairstylists' needs.

Noiraude Pro Treatments @ Diane's Designs

Features of Noiraude Pro

  • Repairs damages caused by perms and straightening that change the inner structure of hair
  • Customize the treatment by selecting from 8 different proteins for different hair types and different levels of damage
  • Hair repairing treatment to restore nutrients lost in the hair
  • Noiraudepro is NOT a hair conditioner that works only on the hair's surface. This is a hair repairing treatment to restore nutrients lost in the hair!

Noiraudepro is an in-salon treatment for all hair types (color-treated, fine, curly, bleached, processed, permed, you name it). It takes about an hour to apply and set (you could seriously get it done on your lunch break). It's a series of keratins that repair damaged strands, improve elasticity and strengthen the hair. Our hair stylists examines your hair to figure out how strong of a keratin treatment you will receive. The keratin is spritzed onto sections of damp hair followed by a spritz of CMC (a binding agent that binds the keratin and locks in moisture), covered with plastic wrap, set under heat lamps for 15 to 30 minutes and rinsed out. That's really all it takes to get the softest, healthiest hair you can imagine!

Noiraudepro Treatment from Diane's Designs

Before & After

Noiraudepro Treatment Before/After 1
Noiraudepro Treatment Before/After 2